Advice on choosing the best boarding cattery for your cat


famous cat quotations A cat stretches from one end of my childhood to the other.
Blaga Dimitrova

Why Cat Owners Are Special

As we stare into unfathomable eyes that gaze unblinkingly back at us, it is easy to see why Ancient Egyptians worshipped cats. They are touchable and warm, yet also mysterious and sensitive. They see and hear things we can’t, detect an atmosphere or an energy shift before we have even noticed it and their sleeping habits can even guide us to areas of geopathic stress.

cat resting
Something about these beautiful and enigmatic creatures touches us at a very deep level.

It is not just the primal comfort of holding a veritable purring machine on your lap or having your face touched by a feather light paw. Nor is it the pleasure of having a rough little sandpaper tongue lick your hand as you reach out to stroke silky fur.

Something about being in the company of a cat for any length of time touches our souls. Their graceful movements, their unashamed love of sleep, their ability to watch something for hours before choosing just the right moment to pounce, their sweetness and their humour can bring sunshine into our homes and our hearts.

Cats are not for everyone.

Cats are not for everyone. They need special people to understand them and to care for them. People who appreciate that they are highly social animals who thrive on love and attention. Spiritual people are drawn to cats, so are artists and creative types.

Caring cat owners know that to be happy, a cat needs a stimulating environment, play, exercise and fresh air, healthy food, clean water and a warm, safe place to hide and to sleep. But above all, they need the love and company of their adored human companion. For just as cats are the centres of our universe, we are the centre of theirs.

Leaving our best friend.

And when we need go away for a few days or weeks, whether for a holiday or because we have to, we know that only the very best catteries will give us peace of mind; places where they care about our cats as much as we do.

cat restingWe need to be certain that our cats are being given the best possible care while we can’t be there to look after them.

When it comes to choosing a cattery, you need to put yourself in your cat’s mind and pick the place your cat would choose for their needs. Because they can’t do it themselves, we must choose the best cattery for them.

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