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Wyncot Boarding Cattery
Hastingleigh, Ashford, Kent TN25 5HE
Phone on 01233 750323
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Welcome to Wyncot Boarding Cattery
Hastingleigh, Ashford, Kent TN25 5HE

Wyncot Boarding Cattery

Wyncot Boarding Cattery



Welcome to Wyncot

Welcome to Wyncot

cattery front

cattery front

Happy cat

Happy cat



sleepy time

sleepy time



cattery overlooking the front garden

cattery overlooking the front garden

kittys having cuddles

kittys having cuddles

Enjoying a game with the 'fishing rod'

Enjoying a game with the 'fishing rod'

About Us

Location Scenery

Wyncot Boarding Cattery Boarding Cattery in Kent

The Wyncot Cattery is a bespoke design and purpose built facility located in the front garden of our home adjacent to the house. As all cat owners know - and we at Wyncot are cat owners ourselves - our feline pets are discerning and shrewd customers who think only the best will do (and rightly so, we think), so when considering the layout for the cattery the feline guest viewpoint was paramount.

Opening Hours & Visiting

Main entrance

8.30 - 11.30 & 14.00 - 17.00

Seven days a week Closed bank holidays

see website for more details

Staff & Knowledge

Boarding Cattery Staff/Owners

We have 4.0 full-time cattery staff.

Our staff ratio is: 1 Staff : 3 cat units

All our staff have a passion for caring for animals and have years of experience in the field, and in addition all our staff are educated to degree level.

Cattery Services

Boarding Cattery Building

We have 12 Cat units

Our cattery was built in 2004 and licensed for up to 55  cats (maximum).

Less than 20 units per buildingWe're proud to say we have a maximum of 12 units in any one building.
(The ideal is a maximum of 20 units in a building, as the less cats, the calmer & less stressful it is for them)

Safety, Security & Protection

Cattery Corridor

Our units are Semi-outdoor  and Mixed walk-in/penthouse  style, built from:





Safety Corridor

Our saftey corridor encloses the entire cattery to keep your little one safe and secure while holidaying with us.

Safety, Security & Stress Reduction

Units have Full height walls: , Full height doors: solid barrier, escape-proof ceilings: .

Units used ONLY for cats from the same family, and NEVER SHARED with cats from other households:

Are other cats obscured from view (they cannot directly see into adjacent units):

Hygiene, Disease & Injury Prevention

Sneeze barriers (disease & stress prevention):



We also have a pet taxi service in our air conditioned VW Combi van, please call for a quote.

Pet Grooming is also a service we offer, please call for further info

Services for Cats:   Other Services:  
Collect & Return: Collect and return service Pet Supplies:
Professional Grooming: Professional grooming service Kennels (Dog Boarding):
Webcam Service: Webcam service Small Animals Boarding:
Sends updates while you're away: Webcam service Stables:

Cat Accommodation

Sleep Areas

Boarding Cattery Sleep Accommodation

Sleep areas have Heat lamp  heating

Is there heating in EVERY unit:

Through the cat flap and your inside a cosy warm area raised of the floor with blankets, beds and a window to watch the wildlife outside but stay nice and warm.

Exercise Runs

Boarding Cattery Exercise Run

Attached runs: Covered runs:

24/7 hr access between sleep & run via a cat door:

Overlooking the garden the exercise run has plenty to keep kittys amused, with scratching posts and two fleecey blanket cubby holes for thoese that like a little privacy and a snooze or playing with an assortment of toys and of course the staff.

Unit Sizes Available

ALL units have sleep areas of:
at least 3x3ft x 6ft high
ALL units have attached runs of:
at least 6ft long & 6ft high
At least 4 x 4ft x 6ft high:
At least 5 x 4ft x 6ft high:
At least 6 x 4ft x 6ft high:

Views from the Cat Units

Boarding cattery view

Bird feeders directly outside the cat units:

Less than 20 units per buildingWe're proud to say we provide plenty of fresh air & a direct view of nature and the outdoors directly from our cat pens.
(This is essential for the cats' stimulation and interest, they need everchanging and fascinating things to watch from the safety of the cat unit for the duration of their stay)


Interaction with Staff

Exercise & Play in Boarding Cattery

Cats get activities/play encouragement with staff:

We have a varity of toys to amuse our guests whilst staying with us, we find our 'fishing rods' provide hours of fun jumping around for the old and young. we tailor the exercise and fun to your cat requirements from the kittens to our elderly guests. In every unit there is a varity of soft toys and balls and ping-pongs to amuse.

Cat Playtime & Toys

Cat activities at the Boarding Cattery

Balls cause no end of excitement, with plenty of room to play our guests have fantastic ball skills

Hiding Places

Hiding places for cats

Hiding places provided to feel safe, play & have fun:

2 fleece blanket cubby holes are provided in each unit, where our guests and sleep or watch the local wildlfe while in comfort.

Vantage Points - Being Up High

Cat perching up high in the boarding cattery

Are at least 2 shelves/platforms provided:
(including at least 1 that allows cats to stretch out fully)

The sleeping area has a shelf next to the window for cats to enjoy a great vantage point, and outside our cubbys holes provide excellent views of the front garden

Scratching Provision

Cat scratching posts in the boarding cattery

Scratching post/mat provided:

A selection of scratching posts are on offer to our guests

Cat Care

Comfort Items & Settling In

Cat comfort items from home in the boarding cattery

Comfort items from home allowed:

Comfort items We're proud to say we DO allow & encourage comfort items for cats . We know how important it is to help your cat relax and feel settled quickly, more at home with us. This is such an easy way to comfort your cat. After all, we all love our home comforts don't we!

Feliway Therapy used: Feliway Therapy (Cat Pheromone) used in Cattery

We provide vet bed bedding and you are more than welcome to bring items from home that your kitty enjoys.



Nutrition in the boarding cattery

Will feed the same diet as at home:

Comfort items We're proud to say we DO offer to feed your cat the same diet as at home. We understand how important it is to help your cat settle in quickly and easily without any digestive problems that would be caused with a change of diet.

Will you feed special/prescription diets:

Will feed natural/organic diets:

Provide fresh cat grass:

Provide fresh catmint:

We have a wide varity of wet foods; felix, whiskas, applaws, gourment gold available in kitten, adult and senior. Our dry foods on offer are iams, arden grange, go-cat, burns and whiskas in kitten, adult , light and senior. we also provide fresh chicken, cooked fish and tuna. All our plastic and tins are recycled to protect the future environment. Water is provided in each unit and checked through out the day, treats are on offer when we tuck our kittys in at bed time.



Nutrition in the boarding cattery

Water & food kept at least 2ft apart:

For multiple cats (from the same family)...
Water & food kept at least 2ft apart from other cats:

Cat Grooming

Cat grooming in the boarding cattery

All coat lengths/types groomed:

We are happy to groom our guests daily, we have our own equipment and are happy to use any provided by our kittys owners.

Cat Litter

Cat litter in the boarding cattery

Litter trays kept at least 3ft/1m away from food & water:

Litter tray per cat:

Can bring own cat litter:

Stock Worlds Best Cat Litter:

Stock Cat Attract Cat Litter:

We use a wood based cat litter and the litter trays are checked throughout the day and cleaned when gifts are left. We have closed topped trays and open trays to suit all. We also recycle all our cat litter into compost, we like to keep a green environment for our kittys and future kittys to live in.

Cat Needs

Easygoing Cats

Cat welfare in Boarding Cattery

Care of easygoing cats:

Active Cats

Cat welfare in Boarding Cattery

Care of active cats:

Big Cats & Large Cat Breeds

Cat welfare in Boarding Cattery

Care of big & large breed cats:

Timid & Nervous Cats

Cat welfare in Boarding Cattery

Care of shy & nervous cats:

Special Needs

Cat Welfare in Boarding Cattery

Care for cats with special needs:

We are happy to care for cats with special needs, please pop in to discuss your requirements

We care for cats with:

Age considerations:



Kittens 3-12 months:   Give tablets:
Senior Cats 10+ years:   Give drops:
Elderly Cats 15+ years:   Give injections:
      Give Ointments:
Accept neutered cats only:   Professional weighing scales
Allergies/ Allergenic   Ear/Eye Problems
Arthritis/ Arthritic   Heart Disease
Asthma   High Blood Pressure
Blindness   Hyperthyroidism
Deafness   Kidney Disease
Diabetes/Diabetic   Liver Disease
Digestive Problems   Pancreatic Problems
Disabilities   Seizures/ Seizures/ Epilepsy
      Skin Problems

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Latest Customer Testimonials

1 Customer Testimonials

What our customers love us for...

12th Sep 2015
Lovely Cattery
by Hannah Preece, Kent

Lovely Cattery

I took my three cats here in August. Two of my cats jinxy and tinker-bell are very easy going and enjoy being in the cattery. My youngest cat simba is very nervous and hates leaving the house, so I was a little anxious leaving her. I needn't have worried as the staff were wonderful, they took time to settle her in and make friends with her, so much that she even allowed the staff to stroke her which she doesn't normally like. All three seemed really happy, so I felt fine about leaving them for two weeks. When I returned I found three very relaxed and content kitties indeed! The pen was large and spacious, with lots of cubbies and places to sleep. I couldn't hear any dogs barking in the kennel next door which is a bonus for me. Great cattery, would recommend to anyone.

1 News Articles

Latest News

9th Apr 2015

Pet taxi

Wyncot Kennels and Cattery also provide a luxury collection and delivery service for your pet in our air conditioned Pet Taxi from your door step to their individual kennel or cattery. We collect all over Maidstone, Tenterton, Rye and East Sussex regions. Our prices are very reasonable.

Fees & Vaccinations

Fees for basic care package (includes water, food, litter, heating & any VAT/tax)

Boarding Cattery Fees

Total for 1 Cat:


Total for 2 Cats:


Total for 3 Cats:


Total for 4 Cats:


Further Information

We run a deposit system in peak periods where a 50% non-refundable deposit is required upon booking to secure your place. This is non-refundable and non-transferable if you decide to cancel your booking. 


All cats need to be up to date on all vaccinations and the card must be brought with you with a vaild vaccination date

Contact Us, Map & Directions

Bookings, Queries & Appointments

Wyncot Boarding Cattery
Kent TN25 5HE

Visit our website:


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will be happy to discuss your queries about Wyncot Boarding Cattery including bookings, availability, and making an appointment to visit.

on 01233 750323

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Map, Directions, and Driving Distance/Time

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We are located next to the village of Wye just off the A28.


phoneWyncot Boarding Cattery
Phone on
 01233 750323
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